Welcome to today’s episode of Circle of The Panda Podcast. In this episode, JD talks about ten steps for having more peace. The steps he talks about include:
Practice mindfulness – stay in the moment
Set clear boundaries – how much time are you devoting to someone or something?
Eat right and exercise – health makes a difference
Simplify – get rid of unecessary “STUFF”
Surround yourself with supportive and positive people – it takes both traits
Say No – having more peace can require you to NOT take on that extra something at times
Be grateful – thankfulness can actually increase your peace
Learn to deal with non-peaceful feelings – sometimes we cannot be peaceful and that’s okay
Disconnect from technology – stepping away from the wired/wireless world from time to time can help increase peace
Learn to be flexible – goals are outstanding and habits can be healthy but too much focus on such can cause a loss of peace when you miss your routine

Please tune in and listen to what JD has to share on this episode and find out how you can learn to have more peace in your life.