Your Success Is Our Passion

We believe in the positive impact that business can have when operating on sound values. Circle of the Panda helps existing businesses or start-ups by providing consulting, mentoring, resources, and collaborations. Whether you’re looking for help with your social media, a new website, or simple coaching to get you pointed in the right direction…

Together we can use business as a platform to change the world.

We Equip Leaders With Strategy and Vision

The culture of your business says everything about what kind of business owner you are. We can help you define the way the world views you through your corporate culture.

Sometimes our expectations are not quite in line with our business practices or setup. We help you determine whether your current expectations align well and if not then how you can adapt them to suit.

Having a successful business can depend on being able to find and maintain your position on the tip of the pencil. We can help you focus your resources, find that tip, and laser focus your efforts in order to create a more successful business.


We boost our clients to get more sales

Boost Your Bottom Line by Optimizing Your Growth Potential.

Our mentorship program identifies areas of improvement within your business that can help to do just this.

In The Journey Together

We’re A True Partner

Unlike other business consulting “pros”, we don’t offer vague advice that could be interpreted different ways. We treat your business as if it were our own, each piece of guidance carefully recommended in order to bring the most benefit to you, the business owner.

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“The team at Circle of the Panda is fabulous. They helped me unlock my potential online and offline.”

Joe Humphries

Author & Speaker