Welcome to this episode of Circle of the Panda Podcast, recorded on beautiful land owned by Gladys Knight and William McDowell. William wrote a book called The One, and Gladys is a singer best known for songs like “Midnight Train To Georgia .”

Now, you may be wondering where the title of this episode came from. JD recorded the episode after being overcome with emotion while driving in his truck. The reason for these tears of joy came from the realization that not only does God answer prayers, but he loves us enough to listen, and we often feel the love contained within those answered prayers! The overall message for today’s episode is… Sometimes, God doesn’t answer prayers the way we want, but don’t lose hope! Don’t stop praying, and know that you are loved!

Feel free to send prayer requests to JD by emailing him at [email protected] . With that, we end the episode. We wish you all the best and peace.